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AVEVA Marine setup & support


A CAD system is most effective when perfectly matched to the requirements of the user and the related product. AVEVA Marine offers a lot of possibilities for customisation to meet local production conditions and optimise user applications.

I can help you to adjust the necessary system settings of AVEVA Marine for your specific requirements, including the setup of design and production standards, e.g., for beveling, shrinkage and brackets.

My clients in Germany, China and Poland have long used TRIBON/AVEVA geometry macros to generate profile cutouts as well as profile lugs and collar plates. With my help, you too can benefit from incorporating the latest developments in class regulations (such as common structural rules) directly into your CAD design as standard.

On request I can send a sample macro for a fully-featured, profile cutout, with two-sided collar plates on a t-shaped profile welded from plate and flatbar.